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Get tough on embezzlement

The logic for not giving jail time to public officials who embezzle money makes sense: Let them work and pay back their dishonest gain rather than be a further drain by requiring the taxpayers to feed and house them in prison.


Jail Docket: July 26, 2018


Editor’s Note: The following people were booked into the Marion County Jail by local law enforcement agencies over the past week. The Columbian-Progress will correct any errors. Call Editor Charlie Smith at (601) 736-2611 to request a correction.



2017: The year in review



A line of strong storms caused damage to buildings in the county Jan. 2 although no one was injured.

The Marion County Board of Supervisors opened the year by electing District 5 Supervisor Calvin Newsom as president and District 1 Supervisor Randy Dyess as vice president for 2017.


Board smart on sales tax

For too long the state and federal governments have either cut spending to local governments or required new spending without allocating any funds for it. That allows politicians at those higher-up levels to brag on themselves without having to bite the bullet and face the on-the-ground consequences.