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Where Senate races stand

Mississippi will hold two U.S. Senate races this year. That’s very important for our future, and it depends on the voters to make the choices. But with so much going on at once, here’s a rundown to bring you up to speed:

Youth show the way

One of the principle issues of our day is school shootings. Even those who have never been terrorized by a mass murderer have to prepare safety precautions in case it does happen.

Adventures In Eating: Ratatouille’s Ratatouille is a beautiful and classic labor of love


Ratatouille, the movie about a French rat with a dream to be a chef, debuted in 2007. I watched the movie then, but was so immersed in my business than I failed to give it my full attention. I am so sorry that I did that. This past weekend I watched it three times. It is amazing! The attention to detail is incredible.


Person of interest in custody


A person of interest in a suspicious death investigation from Friday night in Kokomo was taken into custody without incident Sunday morning.
Shortly before 9, Marion and Wathall County deputies responded to a tip in Wathall County on Henry Smith Road where Ronnie Smith was located and taken into custody. The investigation is ongoing.