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Variance clears way for car wash


A new car wash is coming to U.S. 98 near Griner Drilling Service.

Builder Jody Jordan addressed the Columbia Board of Aldermen Tuesday before the Board voted to give him a variance for an extra 5 feet, which he said is needed for proper traffic flow.

He said the tunnel-style facility will be an “Express Car Wash.”

Here am I, send me!


Citizen volunteers to lobby for better roads

What started as a complaint about road conditions ended with a pledge to help the Marion County Board of Supervisors lobby state officials for more money for roads and bridges.


Board smart on sales tax

For too long the state and federal governments have either cut spending to local governments or required new spending without allocating any funds for it. That allows politicians at those higher-up levels to brag on themselves without having to bite the bullet and face the on-the-ground consequences.