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They died for freedom

One of the hundreds of gravestones in Columbia’s Woodlawn Cemetery bears the name of Pfc. Jewell Roland Martin.

His body, just 21 years after it entered this world, found its final rest there May 24, 1953 — a week before Memorial Day was commemorated.

Reward for missing pack

If anyone knows the whereabouts of a packet with an elastic band around it, it was taken from an SUV during Angelique Croom’s graduation celebration at East Pearl River Baptist Association Community Center Saturday, May 19.


Business Feature: Kane’s Catfish, Seafood & Steakhouse


Since October 2005, owners Wayne and Bobbie Regan have created a family atmosphere within Kane’s Catfish, Seafood & Steakhouse, and their generosity for their community neighbors is infectious.

“On the back of our menu, it says ‘come in as friends, leave as family,’” Wayne said. “That’s how we treat everybody.”

Woman survives fall at Red Bluff


A photographer trying to get an angle on a shot survived an incredible fall at Red Bluff Sunday.

Carmen Reid, 31, of Ellisville tumbled an estimated 175 feet around 6 p.m., according to Morgantown Volunteer Fire Chief Krae Morgan. She was able to walk away but was later diagnosed with a broken vertebra at a hospital.